“Farrah, have you ever been to the SouperVan?”

“Huh? The Superman? Is that an event or something? (No, I have not.)”

Rutgers is known for being home to the grease trucks, which have apparently been featured on everything from Good Morning America to Maxim magazine. You can order fat sandwiches, which are basically piled with things that will make you fat. For instance, a “Fat Nini” ($6) comes loaded with a cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and honey mustard sauce. I think sometime before I move out of here, I need to try one of these, or it’d kinda be like going to New York and never seeing the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, or a show on Broadway.

Wait. I’ve been there three times so far and I still haven’t seen any of those. Oops.

But y’see, as long as the SouperVan exists, I might never make my way across the street to try the grease trucks. Why is this?

Because the SouperVan is the anti-grease truck. It supports a great cause, and aims to increase the awareness of domestic hunger. The food they serve is healthy (both in ingredients and portion sizes), affordable, and freaking delicious. They try to use seasonal, locally grown produce, and the containers and eating utensils they use are biodegradable. For every meal that you buy from them, they donate a meal to the local soup kitchen (Elijah’s Promise).You’re feeding yourself healthy food, supporting the local community and feeding the hungry, all in one meal. Does it get any better than that?

I learned of their existence on Wednesday, so I went there to get a celebratory dinner. I don’t think I mentioned my pact to not spend any money on outside food until I’ve finished my Costco warehouse of a room, but…I broke it on Wednesday because…well, it was my celebratory meal.

I’ve kinda been back there every single day since then. The food is amazing, and the people working there are super friendly/awesome, and extremely receptive to customer feedback. They’re doing a pilot-test of their menu right now, but I think it changes every week. I’m on a self-made mission to try everything on their menu, so that makes it a little hard, but it is a-okay! – Posted by Farrah –